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10 things to do once in a life

10 things to do once in a life

What you like adventures than this for you, we all want to live life on our way, we also want to live something different and with massive style to others and we much did that things but now we suggest you something extra ordinary to do in life before die and surely you will born 10 times in a single life after to do this 10 things.

10. Zorb or OGO

Get inside a big plastic ball (orb) and roll down a hill. Among mix of adventure activities – this iconic activity is a must-try if you’re in the region enjoying its wonders.


9. Heli-skiing

Fly to the top of the mountain and make your own tracks through fresh virgin powder snow as you ski your way back down on the ultimate guided heli-ski adventure.

8.Off-road Driving

Buckle-up, hold tight and head out on a scenic wilderness off –reoad adventure on some country roads and tracks. Or why not try your luck on the colossal sand dunes of the popular leh and ladakh not off road but it is also height of adventure.


Leap off waterfalls, slide down rocks, scramble, climb, jump, abseil…canyoning is most country like New Zealand, Australia and many others  wildest adventures and is staged in remote mountain locations.

6.Zip Lining

Zip your way past stunning harbour views on highest point of mountain or enjoy an immersive wilderness experience in forest mountain area. Fly through tree tops while gazing at the Remarkable mountain range, or combine zip lining with river tubing and glow worms on the top. It’s the perfect combination of adrenalin, nature and speed.


Featuring some of the most challenging and spectacular caving systems in the world, Walk or float (black-water rafting as it is referred to) through the spectacular caves or enjoy guided underground adventures in sea also.


Rafting is a most popular adventure in the world and it`s available in all over in the world and New Zealand has a longest way to do this things.

3.Jet Boating

Feel the power of the water as you jet boat.


Take a leap of faith on a bungy, bungy in a sport also so it is did by much people around the world and it is also adventure-full.


Embrace the excitement and soak in the views as you tandem skydive or go solo – a true heart-stopping adventure! You can skydive in various locations around the world.



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