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Why lehenga choli wear in india, specially in gujarat? know more about lehenga choli

Lehenga choli is the popular dress in Indian wedding and its came from Gujarat, in Gujarat local public completely enjoy marriage and all function and festival in lehenga choli, now its famous in all our India, know more what is lehenga choli.

Lehengas or ghagra is a form of a skirt which is embroidered & pleated. It is the lower part of the ghagra choli. This dress is traditionally design for the women of rajasthan. Which is in recent trend in modern culture. There are now various style and pattern of lehengas available in market. Ghagra choli is also commonly referred as chaniya choli. “Choli” is the worn as the upper garment which is a blouse which is fit tightly to the body and has short sleeves and has different neck pattern. The choli is usually cropped, allowing exposure of the navel, the cropped design is particularly well-suited for wear in the hot South Asian summers. Cut-out backs and front-opening buttons are some of the features of contemporary design.

Lehengas is made out of many fabrics but Silk and cotton are the most preferred fabric by the designers. Other fabrics used are jute, Khadi, Georgette, Crape, jacard, Net, Satin, Brocade and Chiffon. Lehengas now have become a trendy wear. In most of Indian Traditional occasions, parties & weddings people prefer to wear lehengas. We have done Different modification in patern of lehenga according to occasions.

Now in market there is lehengas sarees which is the combination of a saree & lehenga.So if you wish to try anything whether it’s a lehenga or a lehenga saree

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