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Shahrukh Khan Dream Project Wants Epic Film Mahabharata Be Bigger Baahubali

Shahrukh khan has long standing wish to make a film on mahabharta, which he says should be on epic scale

“It should be on the scale of a Bahubali or an even larger one,”

The dream is so big he says even he does not have the enough budget for that.

And also he said Bollywood life that he would have to collaborate for that but not with Indian producer. Sharukh feels that Indian market would be too limited for the film in the scale. he want to join hands  with international producer  and make sure the film find a worldwide audience.

But the project remains just a dream, Shahrukh has spoken to a few people but nothing concrete is happening yet. And he also added in this “Every second person want to make MAHABHARAT”.


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